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Wedding Day Attendance
'A' Ampshire Ideal Chimney Sweep would be honoured to attend your Wedding day. Providing a unique opportunity to follow a centuries old lucky custom.
Simply contact us to arrange a booking and to ensure your special day is complete.
The History of this Custom.

'A' Ampshire Ideal Chimney Sweep are following a custom that started about two hundred years ago, when a London Chimney Sweep saved the life of King George II. The Sweep had been the only person brave enough to step forward when the King's coach and horses bolted. The Chimney Sweep pulled up the horses and saved the monarch.


The King was so pleased that he made an announcement by Royal Decree declaring that all Chimney Sweeps are good luck bearers and must be treated with respect.


The folklore was established and to this day Chimney Sweeps are still considered Lucky and are invited to attend Weddings to kiss the Bride.